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          1. Children's Programs

            100 Mile House Branch

            Quesnel Branch

            Williams Lake Branch


            Renewing online

            Placing your own holds

            Cancelling a hold

            Editing a hold

            Patron-initiated password re-set instructions

            CRDL Library Card (Fall 2007-Present)
            CRDL Library Card (Fall 2004-Fall 2007)
            CRDL Library Card (1995-Fall 2004)

            100 Mile House Branch facebook link

            Quesnel Branch facebook link

            Williams Lake Branch facebook link

            Bc Library2Go

            E-books, audiobooks and magazines for all library users

            E-books and interactive material for children


            outlook online

            Search BC Public and Academic Libraries



            Digital talking books for people with print disabilities are available from NNELS. This library is participating! Log in with your library card number and password.




            Looking for books to read or listen to? Meet Libby by OverDrive -- an easy-to-use app for downloading ebooks and audiobooks from OverDrive.




            Click here for more COVID-19 information from the BC Centre for Disease Control

            Accessible reading BC

            We are participating in the Accessible Reading BC pilot project! This project gives us access to an accessible collection of BC-published ebooks hosted on the National Network for Equitable Library Service platform.  Log into https://accessbc.libraries.coop/ using your library card and start reading today!

            Highlight on some of our fabulous digital resources!

            Online Courses


            Niche Academy

            eAudio, eBooks & magazines


            BC Lib2Go

            DIY Auto Repair


            Click here to access all of our digital resources!